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4. Hardware-in-the-Loop Setup

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HIL experimental setup

The Hardware-In-The-Loop (HIL) setup provides a platform to test the design of an estimation or control algorithm with a battery plant model. The plant model is downloaded to a real physical hardware simulator and the estimation/control algorithm is hosted on an embedded controller. Physical hardware components and connections such as sensors, actuators, physical wiring interconnections are a part of this test. The HIL simulation is a standard practice followed test the Electronic Control Units (ECUs) before production.  The general framework of a HIL test for battery systems, as shown in the figure below, consists of:

i.   a simulator (dSPACE Scalexio) hosting the battery plant model,

ii.  an embedded controller (dSPACE MicroAutoBox-II) hosting the estimation or control algorithm, and

iii. a Graphical User Interface (dSPACE ControlDesk) to monitor and visualize the test results.

dSPACE Scalexio

Technical Specifications

  • DS2680 I/O unit
  • In-built DC power supply unit
  • CAN channels
  • Multiple high-resolution Analog and Digital I/O ports

dSPACE MicroAutoBox-11

Technical Specifications

  • 1401/1513 variant
  • 6 CAN channels
  • Multiple high-resolution Analog and Digital I/O ports