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There hasn’t been a more exciting time to be working in the energy and transportation sectors. The potential to shape the future vehicle propulsions, help the technological development of grid storage systems to move toward carbon neutrality, and advancing knowledge and practice of electrochemical energy storage devices, offer great opportunities to make a huge societal impact. In our lab, we study energy storage devices for automotive and grid storage application, emission mitigation devices for internal combustion engines vehicles, and hybrid and electric vehicles. Our interests span from catalytic and electrochemical processes modeling to system level control and optimization.

As our main focus is the development of new model-based control and estimation algorithms to improve system performance over both short and long period of time, we are very much engaged to both define new modeling tools and improve existing ones for the systems under study. We believe that control performance would greatly improve through both advanced algorithms and better models that exploit the system physics. We question the accuracy of existing modeling platforms, and provide new modeling venues for emerging and newly adopted systems for which models do not exist yet. As the research challenges we are trying to tackle are multi-domains, in our lab we combine expertise from mechanical, electrical, automotive, chemical engineering and environmental science. Some of the projects we are working on are described below.

Second-life EV battery
Second-Life EV Batteries: Predicting State of Health of Retired EV Batteries using Physics-Informed Machine Learning methods
High-Fidelity Electrochemical Modeling for Li-ion Batteries
CAREER: Integrated Modeling and Control of Aftertreatment Systems for Clean, Efficient and High-Performing Gasoline Direct Injection Engines
Boosting Military Vehicle Hybridization – developing modeling, simulation and control tools for optimal energy storage devices selection
Bits & Watts: Optimizing Energy and Cost in Renewable Grid System: an electrochemical modeling approach
Battery Management System Design for Lithium-ion Battery Packs