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6. High Performance Computing

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Four powerful workstations are available to interface with the lab equipment and evaluate computationally heavy physics-based models.

  • Two workstations equipped with the MITS Pro software are interfaced with the Arbin battery systems to control voltage, current, and power input/output to the cells under test and graphically visualize the measured signals.
  • One workstation is interfaced with the dSPACE Microautobox-II and the dSPACE Scalexio to enable the HIL and BIL simulation. The workstation can monitor and control the variables involved in the real-time simulation.
  • One workstation with an Intel Xeon Gold 6136 CPU @ 3.00GHz processor and a 32GB (4x8GB) 2666MHz DDR4 memory is used for modeling, simulation, and solving high-dimensional optimization problems.