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3. Thermal Chamber

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An Amerex IC500R Thermal Chamber (17.7 cuft) is available to run temperature-controlled experiments on cells and modules. A temperature range of -5 to 65°C can be set for the experiments. The thermal chamber has multiple racks available for placing the cells/modules, and has access ports for the Arbin wires to pass through.


Technical Specifications

  • Temperature Range: -5 to 65°C
  • Interior Volume: 17.7 cu ft
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1°C
  • Temperature Uniformity: ±1°C at 37°C
  • Auxiliaries:
    • Access ports for Arbin I/V wires
    • Racks to place cells/modules
    • Glass window for observation
  • Power Input: Single phase 50/60Hz 120VAC