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PhD and MS Theses

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Ma, W., "Feature-Prompting Protocols for Data-Driven Health Estimation and Lifetime Prediction of Lithium Metal Batteries," Stanford University, 2023. pdf

Moy, K., "Towards decarbonized electric grid and transportation sectors : a modelling, battery-centric study," Stanford University, 2023. pdf


Allam, A., "Holistic battery management system design for lithium-ion battery systems via physics-based modeling, estimation, and control," Stanford University, 2021. pdf


Arunachalam, H., "A New Multiscale Modeling Framework for Lithium-Ion Battery Dynamics: Theory, Experiments, and Comparative Study with the Doyle-Fuller-Newman Model," Clemson University, 2017. pdf

Xu, B., "Plant Modeling, Model Reduction and Power Optimization for an Organic Rankine Cycle Waste Heat Recovery System in Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Applications," Clemson University, 2017. pdf